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High Performances

Bioclean Cleaners and Degreasers are 100% Organic made and Chemical FREE.

They offer a complete safety for the users, the premises and the environment, while delivering impressive detergency performances, matching the most powerful chemical-based detergent.

All our cleansers are fully biodegradable, and recognized by international agencies such as OSHA,  U.S.EPA,  NSF,  CleanGredients Program, and used by the US Government.


None Toxic
None Flammable
None Caustic
None Corrosive

Easy to Choose, Easy to Use

BioClean Organic cleaners come in 3 versions and compositions.

Because of their large cleaning spectrum, 3 cleaners are sufficient to cover 99% of the daily industrial and home cleaning applications. You can check our users and markets here.

We made is simple to choose, and simple to use: all our bio-cleaners can be mixed with tape water for an economical and ecological dilution.


Heavy Duty

Bioclean heavy duty

First of its class, for demanding Industry

VOCs: none
pH: 10.5 to 11
Water-based: >78%
Eco-norm: OECD 301
MSDS: clean

MSDS Bioclean Cleaners

BioClean Heavy Duty Degreaser is the most powerful of the range. It is specifically designed for heavy industries, such as petroleum companies, chemical plants, metal and plastic parts manufacturing, etc....

Multi Purpose

Bioclean heavy duty

Versatile for multiple cleaning operations

VOCs: none
pH: 10.5 to 11
Water-based: >79%
Eco-norm: OECD 301
MSDS: clean

MSDS Bioclean Cleaners

BioClean All Purpose Cleaner is a versatile eco-friendly cleaner and detergent. It is perfect for multi-purpose cleaning operations and usually used by Service Cleaning companies, Hotels, Transportation fleets, Janitors, Logistics, Institutions, etc...

Smell Killer

Bioclean Smell killer

Powerful Smell eliminator, antibacterial properties

VOCs: none
pH: 7
Water-based: >99%
Eco-norm: OECD 301
MSDS: clean

MSDS Bioclean Cleaners

BioClean Odor Eliminator is an incredible smell killer, coupled with antibacterial and antiseptic properties. It is commonly used by Janitors, Food processing industries and any places where bad smells needs to be eliminated. It is as well used as a complementary cleaners after a general cleaning.
All our cleaners are biodegradable, chemical-free, and harmless



Our Users

Our organic cleaners are suitable for all industries looking to reduce their chemical exposure, to improve their safety standards or to use biodegradable detergents.

Because all our cleaners are versatile and neutral, industries and companies can dramatically decrease their costs on the short and long term.

BioClean products are completely safe. No special handling are required. Our M.S.D.S speaks by itself !

Chemical-free cleaners are used by numerous types of industry






Chemical plants


Cleaning Services


Food industries

and many others...



Chemical Dangers

Artificially-made chemicals are widely used in products: cleaners, detergents, cosmetics, paints, etc...

More than 17,000 hazardous chemicals and potentially dangerous for humans have been identified so far.

The longer people are exposed to them, the more damages they will create.

Dangerous chemicals are invisible: you do not feel, see, smell them. But they slowly modify your metabolism, and inevitably lead to irreversible damages and sicknesses.

The most known of chemical exposure effects is unfortunately CANCER.

Learn more about scary dangers here >>

Corporate Benefits

Industries and Companies gain great advantages using chemical-free cleaners or ecological detergents: protect their premises, assets, and more important, their personal and staff.

By using BioClean Industrial Cleaners, company gain in productivity: no special handling, no special stocking are required.

All our products comply with the ISO regulations to protect the environment.


  • All our products are made from APG Surfactants.
  • Our Cleaners are certified and follow the regulations imposed by international organizations dealing with the environment, the protection of workers and and preservation of the agriculture.

    The MSDS we deliver are regularly audited by USA government related organizations, as well as the organizations that certify our cleaners and detergents.
  • The first thing to look is the MSDS simple logo on the packaging.

    No logo means no control and certifications.

    If there is a logo, request the full and detailed MSDS. It must contain all the chemicals used in the composition of the product, as well as the potential dangers.
  • Wrong !

    "Smell" are additional chemicals added to a basic formula. It is pure marketing used to provide a feeling of freshness.

    Note that none of our eco-friendly cleansers contains any flagrance, and will reflect the true washing performances.
  • Because the most commonly used chemicals are cheap to manufacture.

    "Chemicals companies" are one of the biggest in the world !

    However, since few years, scandals have emerged in USA and Europe, and strong measures are being taken by governments to limit the usage of dangerous chemicals and protect the human and wildlife.

    BioClean Organic Cleaners comply with these measures !
  • All our products are water-based.

    You can use them none-diluted, as they are none caustic, they cannot damage any parts or material.

    Depending on your specific washing, you may need to warm or use several cleaners. Refer to our Cleaning Tips or contact one of our specialist to assist you.


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BioClean Heavy Duty Cleaner Industrial Cleaner: Chemical Free, None Toxic, Organic made, for demanding Industry
BioClean Multi Purpose Cleaner Industrial Cleaner: Chemical Free, None Toxic, Organic made, for all type of Industries
BioClean Smell Killer Cleaner Industrial Cleaner: Chemical Free, None Toxic, Organic made, best smell and bad odors eliminator. Includes disinfectant properties as well